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“Personalized, private, collaborative, & meaningful.”

“It saved our marriage.”

“After years of depression and anxiety, I’m finally free.”

“Special Ops warriors are exposed to the best and worst aspects of life. We’re not immune to horror and loss. I found privacy, confidentiality, respect, expertise, and genuine concern here.”

“This work has meant the world to me.”

Words . . .

spoken by people who were once shattered, confused, anxious, depressed, despairing, traumatized, grieving, or suffering in broken relationships.

Freedoms . . .

from, sexual compulsions, eating problems, body image distortions, other problems in living.
Growth . . . making difficult decisions, choosing a life path and so much more.

Perhaps you, too . . .

are plagued by painful thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.

Maybe your own traumas, grief, woundedness, compulsions, conflicts, or other problems in living leave you feeling hopeless or powerless. Perhaps your marriage or another relationship has become a source of pain. Or, you may be simply trying to discover your own true voice, your career path, or your sense of self. No matter what brings you, at Stillwaters you will find effective, safe, private, highly discreet, compassionate counseling and psychotherapy services that are personalized specifically for your unique needs.

Using cutting edge therapeutic interventions, treatment modalities, and highly interactive, collaborative therapy models, our therapist/counselor, Joanne (Jodi) M. Moore, LPC, NCC, BCETS, CCH, works to help you find the solutions you need and healing you seek. At Stillwaters, you are always in charge, always the center of our work, and always the priority.
Come find your voice, power, strength, direction, joy, and personhood. Come discover your hope, purpose, path, worth, and peace. These things do exist, and you can claim, or reclaim, them as your own.

 Will you take the first step toward your own healing and growth?

Want more information?

Please review the information found in this website. It was developed specifically for you and others like you to help demystify the whole therapy process and show that there is hope. There are options.
And, yes, you can find peace and healing.

Are you ready to begin?

Joanne (Jodi) M. Moore, LPC, NCC, BCETS, CCH
Please text or call.