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stillwaters2- Leaf with water drop into body of waterAll of us encounter problems in living at some point in our lives. Sometimes, those problems interfere with our ability to function at home, work, or school- or in other important areas of life. They can have a negative effect on our relationships with others and even on how we view ourselves. They can steal our joy, peace, and purpose. At Stillwaters Counseling and Psychotherapy, we offer effective, helpful, illuminating, and convenient services to help resolve problems in living and encourage new growth.

Basic Facts
  • At Stillwaters, our work is  focused on the needs of adults, seniors, adolescents, children, individual clients, couples, families, and groups.
  • The services provided by our Lead Clinician and Clinical Director, Joanne (Jodi) M. Moore, LPC, NCC, BCETS, CCH are limited to clients who are age 18. She also treats clients ages 13 to 17 who have specific needs within her areas of specialization (e.g. issues related to giftedness, grief and loss, complicated grief, Post Traumatic Stress).
  • Besides the traditional Counseling and Psychotherapy services offered to treat clinical issues, we also offer several other non-clinical services that serve to improve the client’s quality of life or business practices while expanding effectiveness, insight, and depth.
  • At Stillwaters, there are several different treatment modes available to clients to facilitate their access to services. We offer the option of accessing services via Traditional Office-based Services, and HIPAA and HITECH compliant Telemedicine Platforms. These options include Phone Sessions, Internet Based Video Sessions, Email Based Services, and Text Message Service based counseling and therapy services.
  • On-site services are offered in a relaxed, discreet, and peaceful setting designed for your comfort and convenience. Your comfort as a priority and facilitates our work.
 Theoretical Approaches

At Stillwaters, we employ a variety of treatment models to address client’s needs. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP), Integrative Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and other well researched and regarded clinical approaches. In particular, our Integrated Theoretical Orientation allows us to draw upon the entire compendium of the best of contemporary therapeutic thought and practice to aid in our development of highly personalized treatment plans that are specific to each client’s needs. Do you or a loved one need help with these or other issues? Is so, we would be honored to assist you. Simply contact us to begin your journey toward creating the life you want.

sunshine 3Contact Jodi at:

Phone: 747/404-3747

Text Messaging: 757/404-3747

HIPAA Compliant Email: jodimoore@stillwaterscounselingcom