Client Forms

At Stillwaters Counseling and Psychotherapy, we are dedicated to providing services in efficient, comprehensive, compassionate, and effective ways. To that purpose, we are pleased to provide online access to our New Client Forms.

In the space below, you will see links to the forms that are used in the first session for any new or returning client. We encourage clients to complete these forms prior to their first session so that their session time can be used for therapeutic purposes rather than for paperwork.

Please note, these forms are essential to making your first session productive.

Please click or tap on the names of the forms listed below, print, carefully review, and completely fill out both the New Client Form and Professional Disclosure Statement Form prior to your appointment time. Please bring your completed forms with you to your first session.

As an alternative, you may choose to save and email them to (Please note that unless you use an encrypted email program, your email will not be secure. Use this option at your own risk).

Please click on the name of the file you wish to access:

New Client Welcome Letter- PLEASE READ

New Client Form *

Professional Disclosure Statement-2016

Directions to Stillwaters

*If you are bringing someone with you who will be part of your work (e.g. couples’ counseling), please have that other person complete a separate copy of the New Client Form in preparation for our first appointment.

**It is especially important that you read the Professional Disclosure Statement in its entirety so you understand our respective roles and the business processes in place at Stillwaters. Also, because we do not file insurance claims,we want to make certain that you have no questions or concerns about our payment policies. You will find that information and much more in this document.