Complicated Grief



Complicated Grief
and the Types and Means of Loss

No two losses are truly alike even though they may bear similarities. Different types of loss creates different responses from grieving people. The type of loss and how it came about (the “means”) can significantly impact our journey through grief. Many losses create profound impacts on our lives and challenge our ability to cope.


But, there is hope. There is healing.

At Stillwaters, we have the greatest respect for each person’s unique experience of loss. We tailor our work to each client’s very specific and unique needs. We honor the meaning and depth of loss, and work to help clients integrate it into their lives in ways that promotes reconciliation and peace.  This service very helpful in the reconciliation of Normal Grief.  However, this kind of treatment is essential in most all cases of complicated grief.

3-14If you have experienced a traumatic loss, or can identify yourself as suffering from complicated grief, then you are encouraged to seek out the services of a specially trained, highly experienced, and capable therapist with specialization in Grief Counseling and Therapy.  This is one of the specific areas of Specialization here at Stillwaters Counseling.  Our Therapist, Joanne (Jodi) M. Moore, LPC,NCC, BCETS, CCH , has trained extensively for many years in this discipline and has broad and extensive experience treating clients who have experienced complicated losses by means such as homicide, suicide, accidental death, drug overdose, protracted illness, horrendous death events, natural disasters, war-related death, and other that are inherently complicating.  She has been highly effective in her work with people touched by extreme forms of loss and the pain they bring.  She would welcome and honor an opportunity to assist you.

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Please call or text Jodi at 757/404-3747 if you are interested in scheduling an appointment.

We would be most honored to serve you.