Grief and Loss- Overview

Grief and Loss Overview

Sad Man Divorce 2 - CopyMany life events lead us to experience grief, bereavement, and mourning.  These include:

  • the death of a beloved family member or friend
  • death of a pet
  • the end of a relationship
  • the painful experience of watching a loved one as he or she battles a life challenging illness or traumatic
  • facing your own death or new disability
  • the loss of a long held dream

Helping bereaved persons as they journey through the wilderness of grief is a priority at Stillwaters Counseling.  Special training, expertise, and experience combined with compassionate skill is at the foundation of truly competent, and genuinely compassionate counseling and therapy designed to address the special needs of those who grieve.

6791304126_c8a7d4889f_nOften, bereaved people feel isolated and misunderstood. Friends and family may want to help, but may not have the needed resources or abilities.  At Stillwaters Counseling, we work toward integration of loss and re-engaging in life at a pace that fits your needs while honoring the meaning and depth of your experience.

We recognize the great privilege afforded to us when a you permit us entry into your most personal pain to glimpse the depth and breadth and meaning of grief.  Our purpose in this is to help you find and speak your loved ones’ legacy and life-song, to transform pain into honor, to trade beauty for ashes, and to facilitate reconciliation and peace.  This powerful yet gentle work has the potential to transform agonizing experiences into a profoundly beautiful honoring of all that the you have received simply by virtue of having been a part of your loved one’s life journey.’

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