Non-Complicated Grief

 1675838455_625741618eNon-complicated grief is painful, hard, and demands attention. It has so many different faces, and is experienced differently by everyone.  And despite its disruptive power and ability to shut down our lives so we can mourn- it is a very normal response to loss.  Grieving people  who can access supportive people in their lives who will walk with them through the pain of loss are very fortunate.  Though there is no time frame for grief after loss and no rules exist to show us the way, most people can negotiate normal grief events without specialized help.  However, there are many factors that can complicate our responses to loss and cause it to become protracted or exacerbated.  In other cases, we may become numb, or even deny the loss occurred. When this happens, our grief has become complicated.

2048-3Whether your own grief is complicated or uncomplicated, we are here to serve you.  We can help you facilitate your normal grief experience and help you find peace.  If you choose us to assist you, please be assured that your choice will be honored with compassionate, honoring, meaningful, respectful, and capable treatment from  a highly trained and experienced specialist in the practice of Grief Counseling and Therapy.

VIDEO VAULT: The Grieving Process- Coping with Death

There is hope. Please let us help.