MCG Group Graphic 1The MCG is an organization formed and dedicated to the purpose of nurturing and growing master clinical behavioral  health clinicians.  As licensed clinical behavioral health professionals who believe in the pursuit of excellence and seek to embody the designation of “Master Clinicians”, we strive to advance and protect our profession and the people we serve.  We do this by creating opportunities for Licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians and Residents in active pursuit of licensure to access quality peer consultation, clinical supervision, collaboration, training, and self care opportunities. The MCG makes these services available and accessible to all qualified (Licensed or actively pursuing licensure in 3-21Residency) clinicians in Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina regardless of their geographical locations within those jurisdictions. This is accomplished via multi-modal pathways developed to facilitate active participation and engagement of all members in the life and functions of the Master Clinicians’ Group (MCG).  There is NEVER a charge for participation in MCG functions.

Master Clinician- DEFINED

Master Clinicians are clinical professionals whose training, knowledge, skill, ability, insight, discernment, drive, dedication, and perseverance define them as the “best of the best,” or as people on the journey to attain that level of Mastery; people who possess the passion and motivation to commit and be dedicated to structures and purposes that advance our profession and increase our effectiveness.   Though most of us will never completely fulfill this definition, the designation of  “Member,  Master Clinicians’ Group”  means at the very least that the member strives to achieve that goal in his or her day-to-day life,  work, and professional interactions. wallpaper_1460126251 Are you a Licensed Behavioral Health Clinician or Resident who is intrigued by the idea of such a group in your community?  Do you think perhaps that you could benefit from becoming part of such an organization?  Do you have something you could offer to this group? Hopefully, your response is “Yes!” If so,  you will want to read the related article published in the Virginia Association Of Clinical Counselors’ Journal.   You can find access it by clicking on this link: 

The Master Clinicians’ Group- Article

Modes of Participation

Mode 1: Traditional Participation Paradigm- Members who live within driving distance of the meeting location and MCG activities sites can participate in the life of the group by attending meetings, participating in meeting elements (food preparation, meal sharing, on-site training, self care events, and case staffing), and  taking part in off-site self care, social, and training events and opportunities. Mode 2: Participation Via Electronic MeansGrowth All members have the option of taking part in applicable MCG activities (and can participate in the life of the group) via live feed electronic communication methods. Members who participate via these means have the same participation and voting rights and responsibilities as members who participate on site. Options include  Conference Calls (via telephone), Virtual meetings (via Videoconferencing) and Video Chat via smartphone or computer applications. Mode 3: Participation Via the MCG Wiggio Collaboration Site. With multiple options for collaborative networking, any member can be an active part of the functions and life of this group simply by engaging any of the options provided on the MCG Wiggio Site.  


Member Participation Needs and Expectations

To aid in communicating minimum standards for group participation to qualify for continued member status, the MCG established a participation protocol, as follows:

A. All persons interested in membership in the MCG Group must review our MCG Member Commitments document found at


Membership Rewards

In addition to the excellent networking, training, and self care opportunities provided by the MCG, there are additional benefits to membership that cannot be underestimated.


Interested in joining the MCG?

If you meet the membership requirements described above, please join us by logging in with your email address on the MCG Wiggio collaboration platform at:



Email Jodi at or text her at 757/404-3747 to express your interest.   

If you are prospective member, Sign up today!  You are most WELCOME!