Divorce and Other Conflict Counseling

Marriage - CopySadly, there are times when no matter how hard we try to change the course of things, no matter how much we give, no matter how much we want things to heal- we just don’t have the power to change the downward course of a marriage or other relationship.  In other relationships, hurt feelings, anger, frustration and negative interactions have led to family cut-offs, open conflicts, grudges, and other painful interactions.

At Stillwaters, we use comprehensive methods for healing the pain of divorce, and the grief  related to lost dreams of “happily ever after”  We help you shed feelings of failure and shame, to grieve the crushing loss of hope, to process and to release the bitterness and pain of defeat.  Then, we help you find a place of release where you can put those experiences.  Last, we take time to honor every minute of every good thing from every day of your marriage.  We work to encourage you to not  disown or ignore all of the learning and growth you experienced through your relationship, but to celebrate it and use it for good.  We encourage clients to recognize that nothing is wasted and nothing is lost unless we let it be.

Divorce woman - CopySad Man DivorceIf you are facing separation or divorce let us help.  It is so hard to do this alone, and often, those who normally support us are affected, also.  Let us be your safe place to heal and process your experience of change.

If you are grieving the loss of connection, friendship, relationship, association or any other aspect of a relationship that has been damaged- no matter the reason, please allow us to help you create reconciliation.  Reconciliation can mean direct peace-making with the other people involved, or it can mean finding peace within yourself and letting it go.

Would you like more information?  Please check out the “Relationship Counseling Resources” page!

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