Marriage Counseling/Couples’ Therapy

No one begins a relationship with the expectation that it will fail. In the haze of romance and excitement so common to the early days of a committed relationship, red flags often go unnoticed and unaddressed.  Unfortunately, these red flags don’t simply fade away. They grow. The mannerisms that once were seen as endearing often become grating, the person you trusted with your very life often is no longer trusted at all, and the sweet quiet moments have morphed into tense silence and disconnect.  Those same lips that uttered sweet declarations of love now speak death into the life of the relationship.  It is out of control, spinning faster as it implodes.  Neither person can stop it.  Their own hurt is so great, their dismay is so disorienting, the betrayal of every promise is so devastating that neither can find anything to tether them together.

Does this sound like your relationship?  Too commonly, this is an accurate portrayal for troubled relationships.  Some have a less damaging experiences while others suffer more intensely.  Bo matter, the wounds it inflicts leaves those left behind to wonder what happened to that beautiful, promising hope and the incredible sweetness of the love they once shared.

Infidelity, sexual problems, communication issues, broken promises, financial worries, conflict, apathy, self absorption, disconnection, disengagemeent, parenting issues, blended family challenges, abuse, mistrust, enmeshment, boredom, frustration, resentment, maladjustment to major life changes, poor boundaries with family or friends,  loss of the spark that once burned bright, or some other issue has almost snuffed out out the light in the relationship.

BUT, as long as there is the tiniest ember still trying to glow in the vast darkness of that brokeness, there is still HOPE! 

As long as both people still want the relationship and are willing to work to have it, it can be healed. 

As long as both are committed to putting it back together in new configuaation that uses the learning of the past to innoculate the future against repeated mishaps, as long as their eyes stay firmly fixed on their purpose, we can and will press the reset button, start fresh with new hope,   and create new energy, and new drive.

Our hands can never be filled with something new and wonderful if we hold them firmly closed around the corpse of yesterday. Our work here seeks to help couples open their hands, to grieve the dust and ash that remain of the old ways, to allow that detritus to be swept away by the cleansing breeze- and, in doing so- to let go of the pain of the past.  Only then do we have the capacity to engage in hope for the future through real and substantial changes in behavior, perspective, and commitment.

The methods used here are cuttung edge, well researched and respected, highly specialized,  and tailored to each couple’s needs.  The focus is on healing, forgiveness, genuine regret, communication, release, and rebuilding from the ground up.

We are pleased to report that every couple but one who sought help here walked away whole and recommitted to a common goal.  They left with tools to prepare them for a lifetime of commitment.  Relationship therapy here has been successful in transforming relationships and healing spirits.  We would be honored to have the opportunity to help you do the same in your own relationship.

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