Relationship Counseling and Therapy Resources

Want resources to help you to learn more about these issues?  Check out the resources, below:

Healthy Relationship Quiz

Consider Expectations Before Marriage

Friendship in Marriage

Characteristics of Intimacy in a Relationship

Preparation for Dating

Preparation for Marriage

Relationship Quality Assessment

The TOP 25 Signs to Watch Out For in Relationships

Things You Need to Know Before you Get Married

Affairs from A to Z

Recovering from Infidelity

How to Rebuild Trust After an Affair

10 Tips For Reducing Conflicts Over Money for Couples

Managing Two Incomes-Yours, Mine, and Ours

Cohabitation- Issues That Affect Intimacy

 Reduce the Stress of a Divorce

A Divorce Financial Worksheet

These issues can occur in any relationship.  No one is immune.  Fortunately, they can be reconciled when there is commitment to do so. People who suffer in broken or wounded relationships can find healing, re-engagement, and fulfilling connections again, or reclaim their own zest for living, joy, peace, and desire to explore and grow.

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