Substance Use and Addictive Disorders

Alc and drugs“Addictions” can be simply described as compulsive and obsessive relationships to a substance or behavior.  If you  feel a “need” to use a substance or perform a behavior (also called “acting out”) and do it despite negative consequences to yourself and others, you may have an addiction or a problem with a compulsive behavior. 


Addictions and compulsive behaviors can have many manifestations including:

1. Use and abuse of illicit, prescribed, and over the counter drugs

2. Alcohol abuse

3. Tobacco/Nicotine AddictionSex addiction

4.Compulsive gambling,

5. Sexual compulsivity (known as Sexual Addiction) 

6. Compulsive internet and/or pornography consumption

7. Compulsive exercise

8. Compulsive shopping

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These disorders can occur in persons of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. No one is immune.  Fortunately, they can be treated. People who suffer from these and other disorders can lead fulfilling, meaningful, and productive lives.

There is hope!

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