Suicide and Suicidal Ideation

If you are thinking about completing suicide,



Your loved ones will NOT be better off without you.
They will be shattered beyond anything they have ever known.
They will carry that pain forever.

And you, all that you are, all that you can become,
all of your incredible potential that you can’t see right now
(but that exists, nonetheless)-
all will be utterly and completely
lost      annihilated       erased.

Think, PLEASE.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

There is no “do over”.
It cannot be taken back.
It changes everything, for everyone, for forever.

It ends dreams and creates nightmares.
It shatters hope and creates despair.
It steals away all potential
and leaves a wasteland of regret and pain.

It disrupts the natural order of life,
with profound chaos and destruction
of that person’s beauty, depth, meaning, and spirit.

Please stay, please try. Please call for help, please do it now.

You are important.  You are significant. You matter.

Pain can be alleviated. Fortunes can change.Relationships can be mended.
We can find healing for our hurts and restoration of hope.
We can bless others by allowing them to hold us, carry us, and hope for us

Until we can do it for ourselves.

      This is a part of the true meaning of being fully human . . .

Whatever has happened, whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’ve experienced . . .
This can get better. There are answers. There are solutions.
You do not have to die to find them.

Please,  choose to LIVE.




1-800-273-TALK (8255) – The National Suicide Hotline
(Veterans: Press 1)
(For Spanish: Press 2)


757.496.3500 (Crisis Line)

Simply say, “I am thinking about hurting myself and need help.”
Then relax. Open your mind and spirit to healing and peace.
Use everything you are given to find a path back to life, to yourself.


VIDEO VAULT: Suicide and Suicidal Ideation



Suicidal Ideation can occur in persons of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. No one is immune.  Fortunately, these issues can be treated. People who suffer from this and other problems can lead fulfilling, meaningful, and productive lives.

There is hope!Sunshine 13Do you or a loved one need help with these or other issues? Is so, we would be honored to assist you. Simply contact us to begin your journey toward creating the life you want.

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